• PROPLAN provides not only efficient solutions, but is a reliable tool to keep the entire project outline in view in difficult phases of your project.

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  • PROPLAN makes it possible for all decision makers in project management to have quick access to and an of all projects.

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The Key Aspects of Proplan

Expertise and method know- how in the area of multi-project management (cooperation with Porsche Consulting) developed over 8 years.
Used by over 70 international large cooperates.
Detailed project planning and comparison based on ca. 100 specifically designed master parameters.
Unique method of standardising process structure.
Parallel work process can be modulated and synchronised.
The participants involved in the project can quickly inform themselves about the current status of the project in great detail.
Multilingual and translating functions.
User interface optimised over many years.

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PROPLAN – aiming to manage multiple projects and to control their progress and planning.

Overview of the most important functions of Proplan:

PROPLAN Dashboard

Shows you a structured overview of the current projects, as well as tasks and appointments.

MPM Summary

Summarises the chronological progress of all projects as a diagram based report.

Master Parameters

Make it possible for you to have comparability and knowledge transfer as they are an essential part of developing new projects.

Single Project Management

Directs all current functions of project management.

All in one
view with a process map

The process map shows you all master parameters of your project in their particular process and the running period of their phases.

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PROPLAN - Company-Specific Extensions.

  • Company-specific reports
  • SAP – interfaces
  • JIPR – interfaces
  • Resource management
  • Budgeting
  • Provisional tracking
  • NET document management
  • Integration of Outlook tasks
  • Any more

Over 70 international cooperates trust us.

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